Application description

The CAVAT web application connects you with neighboring beekeepers and facilitates coordinated treatment against varroa.

You can use the web application on your computer or mobile phone anywhere and anytime. The application is easy to use.

Enter information about your apiary.
This allows you to automatically retrieve weather data near the apiary and display adjacent apiaries on a map.
Enter records of your work in the apiary.
These records will be safely stored and only available to you. You will be happy to review them even after a few years. You can export the records to an xls file. No more lost notes!
Enter a record of planned or initiated treatment
All beekeepers in the area share information about the dates of treatment against varroa. This allows us to coordinate and control varroa more efficient.
Send a message to the neighboring beekeepers
You don't need the phone number or e-mail address of the neighboring beekeepers! Send them a message in the CAVAT system and check when they read it.
You can forward messages intended for you to your e-mail address or SMS.
Bees know no boundaries - working together will make beekeepers more successful. Invite neighboring beekeepers to participate!