CAVAT - Terms of use and Privacy policy
A user is a person who creates a user's profile in the application.
The application manager manages application and data.
The Data processor manages information technology and implements technological processing and storage of data.
Rights and obligations of the user
User must not use the application if she/he does not agree with CAVAT - Terms of use and Privacy policy.
User is using application and web site voluntary. User can stop using application and delete its user profile anytime.
User can edit its profile data in user profile. User is obliged to enter real data only.
User must not enter data or send messages which could be hostile, insulting, inappropriate or harmful.
User can access application only with its credentials (username and password). User must not transfer its credentials to anyone. User is responsible for activities performed with its user account.
The user undertakes to use the application in accordance with the purposes of the application, as derived from the description of operation, examples of operation and application help. The application and the website may only be accessed via the application's browser user interface. The user must not perform activities that are not intended for the normal use of the application and could have harmful consequences for anyone. The application and the website may not be accessed in a way that allows automated work.
The web application is intended for cooperation and, accordingly, users can voluntarily publish their own personal data. No user may collect published personal data. He may use the published personal data exclusively in accordance with the purpose of the application.
Rights and obligations of the Application manager
Application manager undertakes to protect personal data in accordance with the laws in force in the Republic of Slovenia.
Application manager may suspend, limit or change the application or website at any time.
Application manager may disable access or delete the user profile of the user at its discretion.
Application manager is not responsible for the incorrect operation of the application and the consequences arising from it. If the use of the application could cause damage, the user may not use the application.
Purpose of data processing
We process the data based on the user's agreement with CAVAT - Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
Application manager uses the data for the purpose of ensuring the operation of the application, for informing users and for analysis. Anonymised data or data that do not contain personal data may be passed on to third parties and stored indefinitely.
Application manager entrusts the data processing to the Data Processor. The data processor has taken appropriate measures to protect personal data.
Types of personal data and maximum retention period
  • Name - the duration of the user profile.
  • Surname - the duration of the user profile.
  • Email address - the duration of the user profile.
  • Phone number - the duration of the user profile.
  • Beehive locations - unlimited.
  • Anti-varroa treatment records - unlimited.
  • Records of bee colonies- unlimited.
  • Information on application usage, equipment and settings - unlimited.
Deleting personal data (Right to erasure)
  • You can request the deletion of your personal data in your user profile.
  • Alternatively, you can send a message from your registered email address requesting the deletion of your personal data to
Application manager Information
eMail :
In communication, the Application manager can verify the identity of the interlocutor.
Conflict solving
All disagreements will be resolved amicably. In the event that there is no amicable solution, the courts in the Republic of Slovenia are competent to resolve the dispute.
Intellectual property
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